In your bag No: 640, Nick Vespe
Nick is a young man with a lot of determination to do what he wants to do. Come and check out this young photographers bag.

My name is Nick Vespe and I’m 18 years of age. I live in New Jersey in the United States. I am fresh out of highschool as of June 2013. My mother is a superintendent of a school district and my father a guidance counselor. I was never great with tests or school. My parents pushed me as much as they could, after being denied from Rochester Institute of Technology in March this year I decided school really wasn’t for me and convincing my parents that was very difficult. I am taking my life in my hands as anyone should and making my dreams come true. I will travel the world documenting what I see with my eyes through my camera to share to anyone. My dreams are already starting to unfold, there are no what-ifs, there is nothing holding me back, if you are going to live your life by your dreams when is a better time to start than right this second, and live every second not just by existing but by living. Don’t just do what you love, love what you’re doing.

Here is whats in my bag.

Leica M6 with a Voigtlander Color Skopar 35mm f/2.5 Lens. I always have my handy Leica ‘my point of view lens cloth’ to tidy up my glass if necessary.

My choice of film would be Arista 400, which for the price of $2.89 a roll, you cannot beat this film. I prefer over Kodak Tri-X 400.

I carry a moleskine notebook with various pens, pencils, and markers. I use this to write locations, settings, quotes, or to doodle.

The box cutter is for many uses and I depend on it for quick fixes. It can never hurt to have one on your person as it is much more useful than scissors or such.

My 13″ Macbook pro is essential for personal work, social medias, and it goes hand in hand with my Epson v500 scanner.

However I do use an external HP 22″ monitor for better viewing.

My IPhone 5 is very useful for keeping contact, social media, or taking quick pics if I have no camera! I keep it protected by my Lifeproof case outfitted by a GradeSelect sticker of course.

“I do not want to take photographs of something, I want to take them about something.”

You can catch me on web here:

and of course on my personal website:

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Nick. You have chosen to walk a different path, that will be long and hard, but there is great personal reward for doing so. The best of fortune with it.
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