In your bag No: 1586 – Jason Dawes

When Jason has time off from kid duty, he’s out shooting with these stylishly customized classics.

My name is Jason Dawes and I live in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, a city in the Inland Empire. I fell in love with photography and art, for that matter through skateboarding as a kid. Skate photos had those explosive, intense moments of energy frozen in time for me to study and appreciate. An early influence was a Tobin Yelland cover for Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, where Jason Lee is doing a backside ollie off a pyramid. I was hooked.

I broke up with photography a few years ago as I had children and made it more difficult to dedicate as much time to that artwork and was replaced with collage and photo montage (I could do that at my kitchen table and still watch the kids!) I recently began shooting again and thought about what I needed in my camera bag and why. As most of us on this sight know, photographers easily become obsessed by apparatus. I too owned many objects of desire and began to whittle it down to essentials.

I carry a black Incase sling bag that houses a Canonet  GIII QL17 with a Gordy’s strap and custom blue leather kit from Aki-Asahi to cover my 35mm needs.  I pack a Sekonic 308s meter for no non-sense metering, as well as an orange Opinel no7 camping knife. I also have a Hasselblad 501c covered in cobra-snake skin from (a now defunct?) It is coupled with a red leather strap from Capturing Couture. I liked that this company catered to women more than men and seemed historically to be a male centric medium so I wanted some balance in the universe! Lastly I carry a white Holga 120N to remind me that photography can be loose and fun and doesn’t always have to be taken so seriously.

 You can view more work at my website:

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for sending in your bag shot, Jason. Wild patterns! Yes, the Holga for me too is a humble reminder to take it easy sometimes.

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