In your bag No: 1459, Pierre Charbonneau
Pierra was on the site a number of years ago. And now he is back, with an upgraded setup. Check out this beautiful and clean setup.

My former bag has been featured here few years ago. It has changed a bit since. 

The new one is a Domke. It replaced my Artisan & Artist, which is still in very good shape. The new bag is not as well padded as the others but very confortable on the shoulder.

I still use a lot the Leica Monochrom for B&W. It remains my first choice. The prints I get out of it are outstanding. My lenses of choice for shooting on the street remain the Summicrons 35 & 50. Actually, I have replaced my chrome ASPH sample of the 35 by an old 1970 Summicron. It does vignette a lot at wide aperture, but it is very good from f:4 and down. it is very light and small as well. Yellow and orange filters are in frequently in use during daytime.

The funny part is that I have returned to film for color. Often in spring and autumn, I feel an urge to shoot color, especially on very slightly overcast days. The natural light seems to be then better for some reason. I load Portra 160 in a black MP, using the same lenses. The constraint of fixed ISO, limits a lot my shooting but the color palette in daytime is very flattering to subjects. 

When I shoot in interiors, a small SF20 flash is helpful here and then, bounced off a wall or a ceiling. I sync it with a Nikon cord in auto mode, TTL being impossible here.

A small notebook, pen, cards, batteries & rolls of film complete the gear.



Thanks for coming back to us, Pierre. That is a very nice bag, definitely something I would use.
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