In your bag 1060, Sacha
Sacha doesn’t share many details, like a full name or links, but he does have a rather special camera. One of the last M6’s ever made.

My name’s Sacha and i’m from Canada. I’ve worked in journalism and love documentary photography, but these days i’m working as a refugee officer for UNHCR.

This is my bag, which is not so much a bag but a zipperless canvas pouch i got when i bought some shirt… that i fold up and can slide into a cotton shopping bag, a book bag, a knapsack, whatever really because it’s just a thing to keep my stuff in when i move around.

Inside i keep my Sekonic Studio Deluxe II, bought brand new almost 20 years ago now and still shiny, and i still remember it cost me nearly three times as much as the Zorki 3C rangefinder that i got it for. Though i rarely use it now, i keep it around because it’s beautiful and reassuring.

Next is my Leica M6 TTL “Die letzen 999” — one of the last M6’s ever made! It’s the 0.58 viewfinder version and it’s got a Zeiss Biogon 35mm ZM lens on with a made-in-China metal hood that cost $5 mail order. Looks good.

I love Ilford Delta film, either the 100 or 400. It’s simply sublime. The Pan F is nice and contrasty and i like it a lot also.

It literally took me years to finally afford a Leica M6, and i got this one last year in Hong Kong. It was on consignment, brand new in the box! Never had a roll of film through it!

This is a peculiar camera, because in Leica-crazy Hong Kong and the collector driven market of astronomical prices of special editions, no one seemed to think that these “last ever” M6’s were particularly collectible — i think, only because the Leica script on the top plate [that i’ve taped over, but it’s the M6 production dates] was printed on and not engraved.

I’ll admit that it does take away a little and might even seem a little “cheap” — but i wanted a camera to shoot with, not a thing to lock away in some box, End result is that i got a BRAND NEW Leica M6 for a thousand dollars more than a good condition user. And it still was much less than any second-hand MP. How much is the new M-A anyone?

Sure i could have bought a used M6 and funnelled that thousand bucks towards some Leica glass, but i think many would agree that the
experience of getting your first Leica is pretty sweet — and i was pretty lucky to have that brand new feeling more than 10 years after Leica stopped making a legend.

Got the “luxury wooden box with a black silk inlay” and the hand-signed certificate of both Mr. Cohn and Mr. Coenen too.

I think i’ll buy a 50mm summilux soon… And maybe an M3.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Sacha. Cool M6. Can you share any links?
Thanks for looking and please come and comment.

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