Get Featured: Adam Mays
Adam sent me his project ages ago, and since there is a massive queue it has taken me a while to get it up, but it was definitely worth the wait. Adam shares with us his project covering the trip he took to Iceland. Now I want to go there even more. 

My name is Adam Mays, I’m currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland although originally from Cape Town.

In May this year, after what was close on a year of planning I made a trip to Iceland. We hired a campervan and spent two (of the shortest) weeks driving around Iceland. I have recently made the transition to shooting only film, so for this trip I took my Pentax 67ii, Canon AE-1, Yashica 6×6 and about 70+ rolls of film…yeah – airport security was fun. 

Shooting only film did prove quite a challenge at times, my Canon froze solid and all my batteries had drained a few days into the trip. With the only other option for another battery in Akureyi, which is in the very North and a week away, I managed to revive the camera with 4 x 3V batteries and some tinfoil from the top of a yoghurt lid to bridge the connection. The 67 was a complete beast throughout the whole trip and admirably took some serious abuse.

I shoot mainly street photography in Edinburgh, so if anyone finds themselves in this neck of the woods and wants to hang out and shoot some pictures you can find me at


Thanks for sharing your work with us, Adam. I am sorry it took so long to feature.
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