Get Featured: Duran Levinson
Duran has been on the site a few times before. But that doesn’t seem to put him off sharing his most recent work from a trip to Bangkok. Check it out.

“Soi Stories, Bangkok ” By Duran Levinson 

The attached photos encompass a few highlights from a month spent in Bangkok Thailand, working on various film projects from fashion shoots, to documentary missions.

 I recently spent 2 months in Asia, burning film and discovering new countries. In the first month I explored Thailand and was commissioned to shoot a few look books for clothing brands from Bangkok. In my spare time I was exploring all the sights that tourists don’t often visit or shoot. These photos encompass time I spent in the Khlong Toei ghetto, shooting gang members, to the “Soi Cowboy” a famous red-light district in Bangkok, where one of my look-book jobs was shot.
There is also a few street photos, from my missions with fellow film photographers, exploring the back alleys and nooks-and-crannies that Bangkok seems to be jammed with. The final photo is of my friend Anastaysia, which was shot in an amusement park in Bangkok, for the magazine “C-Heads”.

This project encompasses a small portion of my film work from the last few months spent traveling and shooting in Asia. I ended up shooting in Thailand, Hong Kong and South Korea. All the photos from the Thailand series were shot on a Pentax ME-Super and a Contax T2 on various film stocks, mainly Agfa 200ASA, because of its cheap price point and reliable quality.

I managed to pick up the Contax T2 theough Bellamy, and it has served me well in the last year that I have had it. I have recently upgraded to a Contax G2 with a 28mm Ziess Biogon 2.8, and cannot wait to put it through its paces properly. 

To view more of my work, and the entire project please visit : 

I also post most of my work on my Instagram and my handle is @duranite

For any prints or enquiries please contact me at [email protected]

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Duran. Nice to see that T2 being put to good use.
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