In your bag No: 1430, Matt Adams
A father and daughter bag today. Matt shares with us the bag he takes with him when he goes out shooting with his daughter. A delightful mix of film and digital. Very nice indeed.

My name is Matt and I teach high school economics and coach cross country & track in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA.
This is my bag setup for walking around town or going to the park with my daughter.  It’s a ThinkTank Retrospective 10 bag, which I simply love.  It holds all my gear plus some, it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t scream “camera bag!”  I’ve had it for a few years now and it’s holding up really quite well.  I love that I can have the flap velcro closed or “turn off” the velcro feature for speed and being more quiet.  It also came with a rain cover, which has come in handy more times than I would have wanted.

My main film camera is the venerable Mamiya 6.  I have all three lenses for it (50mm f/4, 75mm f/3.5, and 150mm f/4), but I use the 75mm about 80% of the time.  My second favorite lens is the 50mm, which you see here.  I hardly ever use the 150mm, but I can’t bring myself to selling it and breaking up the trio.  This is my desert island camera.  The ergonomics of it are perfect for me, the image quality of the lenses is about as perfect as you could ask for.  I love the 6×6 format and that it has a built in light meter.  In trickier lighting situations, I don’t quite trust the meter, though.  That’s why I sometimes carry the Gossen light meter.  It’s also handy for checking exposure without bringing the camera to my eye.  

Yes, that’s a Nikon pinch lens cap.  I use Nikon lens caps for all my cameras.  I’ve tried other caps, but the Nikon is the best by far.  I’ve thought about gaff taping the Nikon logo, but I like seeing the confused looks on peoples’ faces when they try to peep my gear.

The only digital camera I use anymore (other than my cellphone) is my trusty Fujifilm x100s.  It does everything I need it to do and nothing I don’t.  I guess I’d like to get the x100t, but I figure I’ll keep shooting this until it stops working.  Sometimes I use it as my lightmeter for trickier lighting when I don’t trust the meter in the Mamiya.  I also use it as a “polaroid” to check composition before I press the shutter of the Mamiya.  When walking around, I’ll usually have the Mamiya tucked in my bag and have the Fuji around my shoulder.

I got both camera straps from strapsbyelroobs.  They’re simple, lightweight and have a great feel to them.  The price also allows me to keep buying more film and more developer.

I recently got back from a two week visit of my wife’s family in Western Germany and we made a side trip to Amsterdam for a few days.  This was my setup for the whole trip.  I mostly shot Fuji 400h for color and Fuji Neopan Acros 100 for black and white.  I did shoot a few rolls of Ilford HP5+ when I needed a bit more monochrome speed.  I of course kept that day’s film in the JCH film case (white so I can find it easily in a dark camera bag).  I also kept notes about each roll of film in the small Moleskin notebook.

I’m still developing and scanning the film from the trip.  I’m posting some of the better ones on my Instagram (@hasselbadams) and 500px:

Thanks as always for a great website!  I love seeing what other people have in their bags.  Hopefully some of your readers will enjoy what’s in mine!


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Matt. Nice to see the film case making an appearance.

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