In your bag No: 1396, Jordan Reid
Jordan has wanted to feature his bag for a while, but couldn’t decide on which camera to feature. But he has finally has managed to find the gear he wants to share. Check it out.

I have been meaning to send you a bag for quite sometime now but with a large number of cameras always going out with me I couldn’t decided on what to show or how to show it. I recently did a shoot with an artist for an apparel company and thought it might be a good chance to send over what I used. 

I have been using a Domke F6 bag for a couple of years now, I have a larger bag and a few smaller bags but to be honest this one is the one I always seem to grab. It has plenty of room and even in pretty good precipitation keeps all my gear dry, I have the waxed canvas version.

The gear I chose this day was a Fujifilm X-Pro1, a Yashica MAT-124G and an Olympus Trip 35 (which was just for me). These days its pretty hard to convince anyone to shoot only film, most want projects turned around pretty quickly and are concerned about the time analog photography takes. I have really liked my X-Pro, I shoot a number of different lenses but I tend to stick with the  Zeiss Touit 32mm but will also shoot a lot with some of my Nikon Ai lenses as well.

When we were discussing this shoot I also quickly decided that I would use Black and White medium format film because the collection that is being discussed is black and white. Based on the space I would be working in, I decided that a TLR hanging around my neck would be the easier than some of the other 120 cameras I have. The Mat-124G is a good little TLR, I don’t mind banging it around or having it out in the elements and the results are surprisingly consistent. I have the wide and tele auxiliary lenses that the original owner gave me with this camera, they work pretty well but they can be a little bit fiddly to get on quickly. 

One positive aspect of my work flow is that I develop my own black and white film at home so I am able to turn around digital contact sheets in 2 days which often helps persuade clients to let me shoot at least parts of projects on film. In this case I had time to develop and scan the negatives the same day so everyone was impressed when they had digital and analog contact sheets in their email inbox the next day.

The Olympus Trip 35 is a super fun camera to have around and I carry it with me more than just about any other camera in my collection. I love shooting it with 400 speed film in pretty much ever lighting condition and would highly recommend everyone have one to play with. 

I don’t carry many other things in my bag, generally a few rolls of film, lens cleaning tissues, a cable release and an analog light meter. 

The image was shot on a Mamiya RZ67 with a Mamiya-Sekor 90mm 4.5 on Fujifilm FP-100c , the image is a scan of the bleached negative. 

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Jordan. That is a beautiful bag, I have a similar one myself. And the black Trip, great stuff.
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