Get Featured: Brian Bean
In this feature Brian shares with us a project that became a long term piece of work, which has also helped him develop his photographic skill. Come and learn more about the mysterious shopping cart, and its rarely seen mating habits.

I taught myself how to shoot on a Pentax ME 35mm that I found at the thrift store, then began shooting digital a few months later. After several years of shooting digital I began feeling bored with the format and I went back to shooting film – mainly medium format, only I really fell in love with it this time around.

While I was living in San Antonio I was looking for something interesting to shoot. Urban decay and abandoned places always appealed to me and one thing I did notice were all the random shopping carts in drainage ditches all around the city.
We didn’t have drainage ditches in Seattle, where I grew up, so I found them interesting and the idea of shooting all the derelict shopping carts sort of as a joke sounded fun. But the more I sought them out, the more challenging it became because it can be a challenge to make a shopping cart into interesting subject matter.

Focusing on this one mundane subject over a couple years now has made me a better photographer because I am always looking for new ways to see the same subject. I plan to create a book for my family and friends with the photos and hope people get a few chuckles from it, but that’s about it.

Here’s a link to my flickr account:

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Brian. I like this idea, taking something we completely overlook and studying it to find the random beauty in it. Great stuff.
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