Camera Geekery: Leica MP Gold 60 Years PRC
As you all know, I am rather fond of a bit of camera geekery and I love finding out about cameras that are wild and different. And this one certainly ticks all of the boxes. Especially if you are into a bit of bling. Check out the super bling, golden Leica MP!

Leica puts out a lot of special edition cameras, we all know that. Some if them are quite beautiful in their own right and are also solidly useable cameras (The Leica MP titanium comes to mind). Some of them are just, well….interesting. And this is one of those interesting cameras.

This is the remarkable Leica MP Gold 60 Years PRC Edition camera. Released in 2009 to commemorate 60 years of the Peoples Republic of China. To say this camera is a bit flash would be a massive understatement. This is really targeted to a very certain demographic indeed. But it is still a camera, and there is hope that someone might actually use it. That is of course if they have $50k to part with and don’t need to worry about silly things like depreciation from use.

The camera is 24K gold plated, with red (for luck ) calfskin hide covering the body. It really does make a very special anniversary present. On the body and the lens (A 24K gold plated Summilux 50mm ASPH) there is the engraving 中華人民共和國萬歲 (Long Live The People’s Republic of China), words written by Chairman Mao. I wonder what he would make of this camera?

Only 60 of these sets were made, and I am sure many of them are in the hands of very patriotic Chinese collectors, but this little beauty is not in China, it is in the USA. San Francisco to be exact.

Yes indeed, that is globalisation for you right there. This golden camera, made in Germany, For the Chinese market is sitting in the Leica Store in San Francisco. And if you have a few stacks to burn then it could be yours too.

Go and check it out and see by following the link here: Show me the gold camera!

What do you think about this camera? Something you would buy? Comments are always welcome, as long as they are polite/charming/hilarious.