In your bag No: 1213, Vadims Barison
I love getting bags from all over the globe, so it really excites me when I get sent a bag from somewhere like Latvia. It is pretty cool to know that the site is seen all over the globe. Vadims has a very fancy bag, which I will actually be doing a review on soon.

I am Vadims and I am writing you from Riga, Latvia. If you don’t know where it is – google it :) Keeping it simple, though, it is a small country in the Eastern Europe.
I am occasional photographer with passion to travel and documentary photography. You can see that in my bag I have Canon DSLR and 35mm Minolta from 1981, which was the first Minolta with auto focus. I really love this simple, though very trustworthy camera.
I have a small collection of retro cams with some Russian classical film cameras like Zenith, Lubitel and Moskva, as well as Kodak, Polaroid and GAF from around the world.

As I started my photography journey with film, I am absolutely sure that if you want to be good at photography, you need to take an old manual camera with nothing “auto” and shoot for a year or so. After such practice the new cameras will not be more clever than you, as you will be the master of exposure. Digital made us lazy, we think less about each button press. That’s why I love film – every button press is worth something. We learn to think and watch before you actually press it.

My latest project is about Latvian National Ballet. I am capturing it behind the scenes already 1,5 years and still have some thoughts to do before I call it done. You can see some of my pictures here: as well as on FB:

My bag is Latvian designed and produced by Pompidoo brand, which has much more space that I use, as you can see. It is a full leather photographer bag with all the protections such bag must have. I was lucky to get this bag directing and filming the clip for this brand.

Keep it going, man! Keep film rolling!
Thanks for reading, hope to come to Japan one day and have a nice time capturing your beautiful country. Cheers!


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Vadims. Nice film and digital mix you have there.
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