In your bag No: 1203, Fabian De Salvo
Today we delve inside the bag of a gamer and photographer. Fabian De Salvo shares with us his bag from Germany. Check it out.
Hi Bellamy and crew : )

I am Fabian De Salvo a German 31 year old guy with Italian parents living near the famous Düsseldorf. Still being a little boy playing around with his brand New Nintendo 3DS and his loved cameras. I am going to start my own photography business within the portrait and business photography genre.

But being at the same time a fulltime Web Analyst there is not much time left during the week to get out and shoot some nice pics for your own private photo projects. So in fact that the job eats every minute of my spare free time I used to bring along my camera during the way to work to get some pretty street shots.

Here is my inventory for the every day travel:

The bag: Herschel Little America
As a birthday gift from my best friend Nici this is the bag that I ever wanted! I love this piece of nice and handy daypack. It has two magnetic snap locks and a separate soft fleece pocket for my MacBook.

The camera: Nikon FE
This is one of the best and robust analog camera that I have ever had. As I was a child my dad had the follower Nikon FE2 in totally black. I had the permission to play around with it gently but I never gathered how to use that mysterious piece of technology. Maybe this is the reason why I recently bought my own Nikon FE in silver/black and refurbished it completely on my own. I changed the focusing screen with one of type B (I don’t like the cut-away view)

At the moment there is loaded a standard Ilford 400 but I also like the look of that summer smelling Kodak Gold 200.

Book: The Moment It Clicks: Photography Secrets from One of the World’s Top Shooters by Joe McNally
Oh please everybody buy this book! No it is not because I get some money for saying this but because of some really useful and rare tips Joe McNally shares with you. This book is not about deep diving into technical party, rather giving you some nice and juicy advices being a better photographer. I am not kidding. I am going through it tomorrow for the second time to get some marks on it for the most important parts for me.

The Rest: New Nintendo DS, Carharrt wallet, business cards, cigarette papers, Marshall Headphones
Loving the new Monster Hunter 4 game this is my everyday open-and-play-dose that I need – as I said I will never grow up. The Marshall headphones are really important not to hear that babble of all the people around me in the train so I never go out of the house without them plugged into my iPhone.
The cigarette papers are not used to smoke but to clean up my lens. There are the best cleaning material you will ever get. Try it out!

This is it. Light and handy but everything I need on my daily routine ; )

My links: | Flickr | Facebook | Google +

Hope you liked it : )

Thank you for your work und best wishes from Germany!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Fabian. Not sure about your cigarette paper idea though, I will stick to cloth for now.
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