In your bag No: 1196, Paul Koay
I like this bag, though I am unsure if the sneakers are actually kept in the bag, but who cares, because there is a bloody yo-yo in there! Check it out.

My name is Paul Koay and I live in Adelaide, Australia. I am big fan of your website and the service you provide for the community, and it is always interesting to see what others carry around with them.

I’ve only been shooting with film for two years after finding my dad’s Canon AE-1 and found the process very rewarding. About a year ago I decided to sell off all my digital gear so that I could concentrate on film, but with joys of that also came along the dreaded GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). Haven’t bought anything in the last 24hrs…. must stay strong.

Anyway, enough about my problems. For those interested here is my bag.
– Mamiya 645 Pro with AE prism, 45mm 2.8, 80mm 1.9, Fuji Acros 100, Kodak TriX 400, Black Rapid sports, Lowepro messenger, Giottos blower, Sekonic L308s, IPod Classic with Sony plugs, Yomega Brain yoyo, Undefeated cap and Royal elastics kicks.

I’ve seen some really inspiring street photographers featured on this site and it’s awesome to to see their images. I have tried the ‘street shooting’ style, and basically I am crap at it, no doubt about it.

I have just recently gotten onto the weird and wonderfully world of Instagram.

So this is what i shoot on the streets of Adelaide.

Thanks for your time, hope you have enjoyed my ramblings

Paul Koay

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Paul. Love that great big Mamiya.
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