An apology to Cub & Co and to you all

Yesterday I featured a bag post, which has since been removed. The reason this has been removed is because it contained fake camera straps that were blatant ripoffs of the original Cub & Co. straps. And for that I would like to offer my sincere apologies to both Cub & Co. And to you the readers.

When I wrote the bag post yesterday, I was under the influence of flu medications and was not thinking straight. In my inability to switch off and step back even for a day, I overlooked the fact that the straps contained and pushed in the bag post were complete and blatant copies of the Cub & Co straps.

I of all people understand what it is like to have your work stolen and passed off as someone else’s. I have had this site copied, articles copied and my products copied. Yet in my compulsion to work even when I am clearly not capable of making clear judgement, I put up a post with copied items. That is unacceptable and for that I would like to offer my sincere apologies to not only Joel Chavez (the man behind Cub & Co), but to the readers of this site too. I have let you all down and for that I am truly sorry.

If there is any doubt in my support for Cub & Co then you should read this article

If it is not from Cub & Co then it is not the real deal. They make truly lovely camera straps, which I completely endorse and have done for a long time.

You can get their straps here:

I urge you to support them and their business. They are one of the truly honest and original strap makers in this business, who make wonderful and personal items that will be with you for a lifetime.

It is not often I let something get past me, but this time I did. And I have let you all down. It will never ever happen again. I do not support fakes or copies and I know exactly how much hard work it takes to build a brand and how devastating it can be when someone takes that idea and passes it as their own. It is massively uncool.

Many thanks for your understanding. And once again, I am sorry.