Camera Geekery: Figosa camera straps

Figosa straps first came to my attention a while back when someone linked me to them on twitter. And I liked what I saw, hand made Italian leather camera straps, crafted with passion. Now I have one and I can tell you, they are worth every penny.

Laura and Andrea live in Italy and are photography and camera nuts. So nuts are they, that they decided to start crafting their own camera straps that fitted into what they wanted from a strap. Apparently “Figosa” means something cool in Italian, and these straps certainly are ‘something cool’.
When I first saw them they were relatively small and only had one colour available, but now there is a range of colours and inserts to suit the camera. For mine I opted for the Cognac version, which I think suits my camera very well.

The strap itself is well made and the leather feels tough. It is a bit rough around the edges, but during the process of wearing in I think this strap is really going to look fantastic. It is like a new pair of shoes, you need to break them in, and I feel the same way about camera straps. I think the colour is going to become richer too. I particularly like the little stamp in the leather. That is very cool.

If I could offer one thing about these is that some may want leather protectors for the body of the camera. Currently the rings move against the body of the camera. This doesn’t bother me much as I like a bit of wear and tear, but some like to keep their cameras clean, so it may be a good option to have protector tabs of some kind.

But the thing that really beats all is the price. These straps are inexpensive and easily affordable for even the budget spender. You can have a quality hand made leather neck strap of your camera for under $35!

You can see more of their straps at their site:
Or their facebook page:

It is really cool to see passionate people doing something that they really love that is photography related. Go and check out the site and maybe pick yourself up ‘something cool’.