In your bag 1159, Christina Choi
A very cool bag today, from a student no less. I love this. Simple, modern, classy this is definitely a modern/analog bag. Check it out.

Hi there! My name is Christina Choi and I am a 19 year old student from Los Angeles, California. I am a 2nd year student studying graphic design. Photography is another one of my creative outlets. I got back and forth between film and digital, but I’ve noticed my gravitation towards film has gotten stronger in the past year or so. I am open to all kinds of photography: street, portraiture, landscape. Anything really. This is my typical setup for outings.

Fjall Raven Original Kanken backpack

In my bag:
Tenba BYOB camera insert
Contax G2 with Zeiss T* 45mm f/2 and TLA200 flash: Also known as the poor (wo)man’s Leica. Nevertheless, still a beast.
Contax T3: This is my go-to camera. Fast Zeiss glass, what more can I ask for?
Film: Usually a couple rolls of Kodak Portra 400/800, Agfa, or Kodak TriX 400 35mm film
Moleskine Planner for school and notes
iPhone 6
“Shoot Film” lapel pin

I chose to use my regular school backpack opposed to a camera bag because I wanted to look more discreet while shooting on the street. I was lucky enough to find a camera insert that fit perfectly in my backpack! Hope you enjoyed my setup!

Instagram: follow me :) @cxchoi

Personal website is in the works!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Christina. I love the Contax combo you have there.
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