In your bag number 251, Illya Krasnoschok
A very interesting bag for you today. Illya has a simplistic little setup for us (although there is no bag in sight). Oh, and it is from Ukraine. Check it out.

Hi! My name is Illya Krasnoschok (a.k.a.Reddy), I am from Kiev, Ukraine.
Love your website, Bellamy, especially “What’s in your bag?” heading – it was so interesting and inspiring to follow people’s camera bags, that I decided to share mine with you too.
When I’m doing street photography (which is my passion), the amount of stuff I carry with me in my camera bag is rather minimalistic – just my beloved PEN with Olympus’ little 35mm equivalent lens, spare battery and SD card.
As you can see my camera is decorated in rather colourful style by my little sister. It doesn’t look manly now J
Oly E-P1 is not perfect camera – that’s for sure, but it has its own charm, spirit, if you know what I mean.
Not many modern cameras make me feel the same way as digital PEN. It charmed me, so I can get through its quirks.
Also there are 4 lenses in my bag: 14-42mm kit, Arsat 50mm f/2 (Ukrainian made), tiny 17mm pancake and 25mm f/8 from Holga.
The last one is not for everyone, but it delivers a lot of fun and I am happy to use it from time to time (see my review
Furthermore, I plan to start shooting film extensively. I’ve already tried FED-3 (Soviet RF camera) with 55mm Industar and liked the whole process of film photography, though camera doesn’t suit me.
The bag itself is not on the picture. It is Lowepro Exchange Messenger shoulder bag – small, simple and well-made messenger-styled bag.
Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us Iliya, very interesting to see the Holga lens on a micro 4/3 camera.
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