In your bag 1142, Robert Timko
Robert has a cool bag, and fine taste in pens too. Check this one out.

I now live in Boulder, CO by way of NYC. I’m a studio photographer by day but secretly have a passion for street photography. This is my everyday carry.

Filson – Magnum Series – David Alan Harvey edition bag.

I was bitten by a bit of fanboy on this one. David Alan Harvey is a huge influence on my photography. Nonetheless, it’s a slick bag and I love it!

Photobook of the week
I always carry a book or 3 around with me for inspiration.

Fuji X100T
My main digital camera. I hated every other version of this camera but this one is really growing on me. I use it with the Instax SP1 printer very often as it can print directly to it. This is very useful when wanting to give someone a quick snap either on the street or at the bar. It’s a great conversation starter! I stamp them because I’m narcissistic and felt it needed my own personal touch.

Canon QL17 GIII
The QL17 is a finicky rangefinder that I’m using for my “52 Rolls” project. It’s quirky, but I love it. However, I ONLY like shooting B&W through it. Color just doesn’t seem to pop for me with it no matter how hard I try. I picked this camera for my project because I almost impulse bought an M6 and realized I’d never actually shot with a rangefinder before. So, I told myself “Rob, shoot with this finicky thing all year, same camera, same film, THEN you may be deserving of an M6!”, and that’s what I’m doing. Trix-400 and home developing for the whole year. Rangefinders and home developing are both new to me in 2015.

Olympus AF-1 35mm
This is quickly becoming my go-to camera. I do like shooting color, but as mentioned above, the QL17 just doesn’t do it for me. I picked this up for $1.95 at the thrift store (talked down from $4.95). I put a few rolls of expired Gold 200 through it and I absolutely love it! I use it even more than my X100T it seems!
Instax SP-1 printer
Shinola notebook
LAMY AL Star fountain pen (why I have a $50 pen and a $5 watch is beyond me, but, I like pens and like simple watches)
Casio MQ-24 watch

I’d link you to my work, but I never really post my street photography photos. I’m not sure why as I seem to post everything else I shoot. Maybe I’m just waiting for a good one…

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Robert. That bag is pretty cool, I quite fancy one of those.
Check it out and make sure you come and comment.

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