Show us your film : Fifty shades of silver
I have not had many submissions lately, I guess people are too busy shooting all of their film. I am sure some of you have some amazing collections tucked away though. Come and check this lot out and then show us yours.

Film Stash Jan 2015

I love looking at everyone’s film stashes! The battle for space between food and film reminds me of my own situation not too long ago. Luckily however, I now have a dedicated film/paper fridge, although most of it is for paper and sometimes distilled water (for summer developing).
I haven’t gone through my own film stash in quite a while, and I was a little shocked to find some pretty outdated film. Five boxes of 4×5 Acros, plus the 3 boxes of the same in Quickloads – I need to put my Crown Graphic to work!
Some Impossible films I bought before they became crazy expensive to ship to Japan (130% customs/duty on film orders), and of course, my favourite thing to shoot – infrared. Those four precious rolls of HIE are my last remaining stock, as are the two rolls of Konica infrared.
I also have quite a bit of Efke infrared, although my 35mm rolls don’t feature in this photo. Even though I shoot mostly black and white (HP5+ and Acros), I have little to show for it (which is why I need to head over to Yodobashi soon.)
As you can see I have a bit of Provia 400X here, mostly stocking up on it since it’s been discontinued. I suppose once it’s gone I’ll have go over to colour neg if I want to shoot at anything higher than 100 ISO.

(Keeping the Canadian end up in Kyoto)

Cody Swanson

My current film fridge, minus the paper and the booze has the following:

120mm Rolls

2 Ilford fp4
6 Ilford delta 100
4 Ilford delta 3200
9 Ilford hp5
1 Fuji Relia 100
14 Fuji neopan acros 100
5 Kodak portra 400
1 Kodak portra 160
1 Kodak ektar 100
5 Ilford panf 50
4 Ilford delta 400

35mm Rolls

1 Arista 100
1 Arista 400
12 hp5
9 drugstore (Fuji?) color 400 and 200

Instant film

14 fp3000b
4 fp100c

Paul Rice

While rounding up my film and bartering with my wife for room in the refrigerator, i thought it would be a good time to send you my stash.

I’m mostly a digital shooter but I am starting to shooting more and more film these days and loving it.  I started on film and I find that like everyone who shoots digital I adopted a “spray and pray” approach to exposure.  Film is taking me back to my roots, forcing me to slow down, think about and invest in the shot. I find that my ratio of keepers is far higher on film and my exposure estimations are getting better and better.

I shoot mostly 35mm and 120 but thanks to Gregory Heisler’s excellent book 50 Portraits, I am now the proud owner of a 4×5 that I’ve yet to shoot.  I also dabble with instant.

My stash:

Portra 400 my favourite film
1 Roll of Portra 400VC left.
BW400CN – I grabbed up some more when it was dropped.
Cine Still 800 – just got this, haven’t tried it.
Kodak 400 TMax
Ilford Delta 100 & 400
Ektar 100

Portra 400 – Absolutely LOVE it when I feed it to my Bronicas
Portra 160
Ektar 100
400 TriX
400 TMax

Portra 400 – Did I say I love this film?
Ilford Delta 100

Fuji FP-100c to feed the Polaroids and the Bronica Polaroid backs
Fuji Instax Wide – for my newest toy a Fuji Instax 210

Thanks Bellamy and keep up the great work with the site.  I read “In Your Bag” every day over lunch and I’ll be sending in a bag shot shortly (maybe 3 or 4

Paul Rice
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