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In your bag 1096, Lyle Zanca
Lyle has a pretty nice thing going on. And he is using a ‘daywalker’ case too. Very nice.

Greetings Mr. Camera Hunter!

My name is Lyle Zanca, I am a new resident to New York City working as a Film/Video Editor in Manhattan. A friend of mine sold me his old Canon AE-1 a few years ago and I was hooked on film immediately.

I eventually shifted to shooting a Fujifilm X-Pro1 (great camera) for the sake of convenience but all that did was make me lust after a true rangefinder, and what else is there but a Leica? I never had the same connection to shooting digital as I did to shooting film so I had to make a change. I transitioned back into film by picking up a long desired Contax T2, and I picked up a Leica M6 TTL as soon as I moved to NYC. I exclusively shoot film now, and NYC is the perfect place to be a photographer. The Leica is only loaded with B&W, and the Contax with color (since it doesn’t accept contrast filters).


ONA Bowery – this bag is fantastic! Small, light, inconspicuous, and holds just the right amount of gear.


– Leica M6TTL w/ Zeiss Biogon 2/35 ZM. I love this combination. The M6 is the best camera ever made and the Zeiss is tack sharp (I do wish the hood wasn’t so huge). Accessorized with an Artisan Obscura soft release and Leica leather strap that is really ingenious and high quality.

– Contax T2. My favorite point and shoot film camera. Solid as a rock and sporting a wonderful lens, with a mechanical aperture ring too!

– Leica SF20 Flash. Used fairly infrequently but gives great results and is very compact! A recommended companion for the M6TTL considering prices these days.

– B+W Filters, 020 Yellow and 040 Orange. Essential for B&W photography.

Japan Camera Hunter “Day-walker” film case. I’ve been wanting something like this ever since I got my full sized, 10 roll case. This case is a god-send! Loaded up with Tri-X for the Leica, Portra 400 for the Contax.

All of this fits perfectly in the ONA with room to spare for a few small items if needed.

You can see some of my photos on Instagram: @lylezanca and my Flickr:

Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Lyle. Nice to see the film case out in the wild.
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4 comments on “In your bag No: 1096 – Lyle Zanca”

    Paul January 11, 2015 at 10:56 am / Reply

    Nice bag, Lyle. The T2 is really a terrific little camera.

    John Lockwood January 11, 2015 at 10:51 pm / Reply

    Perfect setup. If that big Zeiss hood bothers you, ditch it. Modern lens coatings rarely induce flare. Enjoy NYC.

    Ivo February 5, 2015 at 4:53 pm / Reply


    very nice content of your photo bag..
    few days ago i v ordered exactly the same camera M6TTL,
    + new Zeiss 50 mm Sonnar 1,5 lens
    it will be something new for me as i ve been a SLR user for some time, i hope everything will work fine

    i d like to ask you what brand name of orange filter do you use and – are you happy with that? i mean zeiss lense quality suppose to be outstanding so i m thinking not to kill it with average orange filter..
    i was thinking to buy one from B+W company, which looks fine for a first glance, what do you think? maybe it s the only solution – i coudln find any with Zeiss name on it..

    thank you for your opinion
    have a good day!

    Andrew April 7, 2016 at 5:47 pm / Reply

    Nice gear, I want to sell all my gear, various bits and pieces and just have my Contax t2, and soon to buy a Leica m. Simple but elegant!

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