Get Featured: Stephen Zane
Stephen shares with us a project about India, attempting to document the ever shifting political and societal sands that make India such a fascinating place. Check it out.

Hi there, my name is Stephen Zane, and I’m a young documentary-portrait photographer from the USA. The project I’ll be sharing with you today was one I shot back in the spring during my first international assignment.
Shot in Andhra Pradesh, India (or, I suppose it’d be Andhra Pradesh & Telengana, due a whole bunch of politics I’m not nearly educated enough on to go into.) …it’s something that came into existence almost unintentionally. India is a country that has undergone immense societal change in a remarkably short period of time, with old ways of life being suddenly declared obsolete. I found myself making portraits of subjects that represent the chaotic mixture of new and old, both literally and metaphorically, that churns amidst India’s peculiar brand of globalism.

(Top image) Ruemy eyed men stuff and pack and cram, filling cloth sacks to the brim. Sent off with a sneeze and a cough, India’s fiery crop is borne off by the whiles of the wind.




Perhaps those who live so close to the hereafter wander down paths of thought that those who cling to the earth cannot hope to comprehend. A frail figure shrouded in white drifted along beside me unto a door beyond…


Simply Chaos.
Find your own meaning.



It’s funny how each new photo I look at comes as a fresh surprise. I feel at times like an outsider looking in, each scene showing up in emulsion and pixel in a subtly different way, tugging at the seams of reality in a sense, and yet still truer than the warping of memory.

I think we as people don’t want to admit that maybe, quite possibly, we aren’t seeing things clearly That… if our view present is skewed, how much more variation from fact must grow in the mind?
How will I see things, looking back upon these moments in time I’ve captured?
Will I remember….I mean truly remember? …the smiles and the sighs, the aches in my head and the aches in my heart.. I feel as though I leave the part of myself that will best comprehend this adventure in India, perhaps never to return.
Anyways, with that I’ll leave you all. Thank you so much for taking the time to give this a view!

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Thanks for sharing your work with us, Stephen. The colours of India really draw me, I really hope I can go there sooner rather than later.

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