Get Featured: Francisco J. Bonilla
Francisco shares with us this fascinating project, documenting collectors and their passions/obsessions. I think this one really strikes a chord with many of us. Check it out.

El Coleccionista (The Collector)
Hi all, my name is Francisco J. Bonilla, I am a software developer (and an amateur photographer in my free time) living in Madrid (Spain). My passion for photography started three years ago and since then I haven’t stop taking photos of landscapes, people…



But I wanted to create something with more content apart of individual images: a project. The problem was that I didn’t have any idea of how to start it. I have collected things since I was a child: pins, postcards, coins, shot glasses… so I thought the collectors world was a good starting point. I searched around my near friends for some collectors and I found that many of them (or somebody that they knew) collected all kind of objects: comics, video consoles, mugs, calendars etc… I manage to convince them to participate in my project and you are about to see the results.



I try to show in each number three photos:

The collection: or at least as many objects of it as possible, because there are huge collections.
The favourite: almost in every collection there is usually a favourite item, something that, either because it was difficult to obtain or for other reason, stands out above the rest of the collection. Sometimes there is no favourite and then I will just show one highlighted object.
The collector: a portrait of the person.



Also I include some questions and answers to know a bit more about the collector, to know more about how the collection started, how many objects the collector has in his/her collection…

I post a new number every other Thursday.
If you wanna see/follow the project you can do it through:
Facebook: (I publish every number here plus extra photos like “Making of”, photos discarded…)
Twitter: @V_paco



If you are a collector living in or near Madrid and you want to participate in the project, drop me a line to fjb.raw(at)

I hope you enjoy it! Cheers!

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Francisco. This is a very cool idea, I like to see other peoples collections, there is something deeply personal about them.

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