In your bag 1071, Daniel MacDonald
A very long time ago, Daniel shared with us his original bag. Now he is back, and there are a few changes. Check it out.

When last I sent in a photo of my kit (#286) I was preparing to depart on a year-long trip around Asia with my wife and young daughter…  Sadly, we only got one week into that journey (in Bali) when we discovered that my wife was pregnant with our second child!  Our grand expedition was truncated to just six weeks, and then we returned home to prepare for our new addition.

Two years later I find my primary source of photographic inspiration hiking and camping with friends and my older daughter in the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains.  It’s always a challenge figuring out what is the least amount of gear one can bring along because of weight considerations, so I have settled on the Mamiya 7 as the optimal photo tool for combining quality and functionality.

The Domke Rugged Wear F-5XB just barely holds the Mamiya 7 with a lens attached (the camera on it’s side), with space for another lens (50mm added to kit after this photo was taken).  I use carabiners to attach the bag to my backpack straps across my chest so it is both safe and always ready for action.

Other items are minimal…  cable release, ND filter (not pictured), and film (in the excellent JCH 120 case).  I mostly shoot Kodak Ektar 100 for the phenomenal resolution and vivid color palette.

I have found the Gorilla pod pretty useless, so in the future I will probably be humping my old Gitzo carbon MK2.

The last piece is my faithful Leica D-LUX 3, which lives in the little black Lowepro pouch and rides on my pack belt.  I’m sure I could find a new pocket digi that has better speed/resolution/etc…  but despite years of abuse, this Leica continues to make great photos, many of which are lucrative features of my collections at Getty Images and Aurora Photos.

Winter is coming, so thoughts now turn to the possibility of snowshoeing and snowboarding adventures, and the photo opportunities that await…  We shall see if California actually gets a winter this year…

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Daniel. It is good to see how things have changed in that time.
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