In your bag 1025, Jomar Tanchongco
Jomar is making a valiant last stand in his area, as film and film cameras are somewhat of a rarity. Come and see what he uses to keep the film flag flying.

I’m Jomar Tanchongco 22y.o all the way from Zamboanga City, Philippines.
Im An amateur photographer and into film photography for about 2 yrs now, id just like to share something about the super narrowed doors for film photography here in our place, like I think so far I am the last one using film/film camera here and majority of the cameras turns to be decorative display or destroyed.
Film and film developing on other hand becomes so rare to none due to the trending dslr and digital cameras that are more convenient and easy to use, and because of that I needed like to order online and have it ship just have one and ship again the films to other cities just to have it printed. Sad to say Film and film cameras are dying here in our place, but even if ill be the last one standing for as long as I can still hold and raise the camera and look through the viewfinder and click the shutter ill still be using film and film cameras no matter what.

Check out Whats in my bag;
Olympus pen ees 2
Olympus trip 35
Nikon fm2n with 50mn nikon nikkor 1:1.8
Yashica Electro 35 GSN
2 Fuji film 200
1 Kodak color plus 200
Samsung Galaxy tab 7.0
Notebook and Pens

Above all I love using my Nikon fm2n because its is a very fantastic,reliable and versatile camera and I also love using my olympus pen ees 2. i named it the “small but terrible” camera, due to its size and capability,  I love the collage and never ending panoramas that its capable of.

Check some of my work on

Sorry but I got the most terrible scanner in the world:)

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Jomar. I am happy to see you still fighting for film.
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