EyeExploreTokyo – Tokyo Photographic tours
Recently I was contacted by Axel Deroubaix from EyeExploreTokyo, who told me about his new photographic tours of Tokyo. If you are visiting Tokyo and want to get yourself a photographic tour with local photographers, then you cannot go wrong with an EyExploreTokyo tour. Check it out.

I get a lot of mails from people asking about photographic tours of Tokyo, but I rarely have time to offer people anything as JCH is a full time job nowadays. But now there is a company that does offer group and tailored tours of Tokyo and soon the rest of Japan. Axel explained to me that after years of working in the tourist industry of Japan he decided to combine his knowledge with his love of photography and offer tours of the places most tourists would never get to see.

Working with a growing group of local photographers, EET is looking to open up Tokyo to visitors and locals alike. If I have time I might do some of the custom tours with EET. I am also hoping to attend one of the Tokyo by Night tours (sounds like my kind of tour). Axel has mentioned that in the future  he is hoping to offer custom tours like: Tokyo from Rooftops, Street art in Tokyo and so on.
There are a number of tours available, for total beginners or experienced photographers. There are group tours, private tours and custom tours so that you can really push your limits.

A few words about EyeExploreTokyo from Axel:


We are a team of professional local photographers and travel specialists passionate about Tokyo. We live and breathe photography and we love to communicate our passion to everyone. Some of us are born in Japan others abroad but we are all locals in the sense that we live (and have lived for a while) in Tokyo. We know every nooks and crannies of this tantalizing city.



We run photo tours and workshops in the streets of Tokyo. They are open to anyone (Japanese, foreign residents and travelers), limited to a small number of participants, run for about 3 fun hours and are provided in English. We take our groups on a photographic journey through Tokyo’s iconic locations and hidden gems.
Our focus is photography and we are dedicated to showing every participants how to achieve the perfect shot. With our help, they understand how their camera works and turn their snapshots into a memorable photo-book.

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We offer a diverse range of open and private photo tours to please every taste and level. Whether it’s travel, street or night photography, we cater to all genre. We also run special photo tours for seasonal events, such as “Matsuri” (neighborhood festivals), autumn foliage and cherry blossom seasons.

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You can check out more about EyeExploreTokyo through their website www.eyexploretokyo.com

Hope to see you around Tokyo sometime.