Show us your film : Film-er Madness
Well, it took some soliciting, but I managed to get some more secret film stashes for you. Check them out.

my name is Tia and I live at the moment in Vienna. I love analogue photography and I think, that I can express myself much better with film than digitally. I have more time for the image or let’s i take more time for it and so the composition is always better. The colors are just beautiful and I love the excitement when you have to wait until they are developed.

So here is my Bag from a 6 Weeks trip to morocco. I shoot mainly Medium Format, so the film that used was Kodak Portra 400/160 and Kodak Ektar 100. And for fun one Ilford Film :D.

The Photos are taken with a Hasselblad 500C/M and a Lubitel 166.

Hope you like it.

Cheers, Tia

Oh I love film, new as well as well as expired. My fridge currently contains a bunch of 35mm, 120, 4×5″ and 8×10″ films, including
Velvia, Provia, Tri-X, Fomapan, Portra, Ektachrome, HP5+, FP4, Type55 + 664 Polaroids, FP3000, Agfa Ortho, T400CN, XP2, Delta100, Delta3200, Agfapan, Agfa Scala…
My 8×10″ Polaroids (Impossible Silver Shade, 809, Polapan100) and remaining 4×5″ Type55 are stored elsewhere, as I need a bit of space for food as well :-)

See some of my photos here:

and feel free to visit my newly opened photography store in Copenhagen, Denmark (specialized in analog gear):


Tomomi from Sweden – Malmö. Iam a hard working sushicheif and just like to walk in Malmö or Tokyo taking photos for fun.
Been shooting film for about 3 years, got bored using digital.


Mostly use Ilford hp5+ and before neopan 400.
Here is some film samples

Have you shared your stash yet? Your hidden fridge? Come on, get involved.
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