In your bag 923, Rid Sevilla
A pretty cool mix of old and new for todays bag. Rid brings us a bag from sunny Hawaii.

My name is Rid Sevilla, I like to shoot candid shots, but mostly end up shooting pictures of places. I grew up with Polaroid and Minolta cameras and recently got back into photography because of SuperHeadz.

Here’s my bag:

– Ragged Lacoste Messenger Bag – Five years and going. The bags before this used to only last me about a year each.

– Fuji X-Pro1 w/ Fujinon XF 18mm F2 lens – Been experimenting with this.

– Leica M3 w/ Minolta M-ROKKOR-QF 1:2 40mm lens – Summer camera!

– Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S – Affordable instant fun.

– Agfamatic 3000 – Ritsch-Ratsch-Klick!

– Canon PowerShot A1200 – I use this primarily for Hawaii Camera Style.

– Lenspen – Because cloths get dusty in my bag.

– Pen and Notebooks – Really wish these things had spell check.

– Pantone Card Holder – Used for holding my instax mini shots.

– JCH x CFP Film Case – Packed with various film.


Thanks! Really enjoy your site! Someday I might bug you about a lens conversion.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Rid. Cool AGFA.
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