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Chris shares his work with us today. An interesting project ideas and objects warp once put into the urban space. Check it out.

My name is Chris Trigaux, and I’m a 21 year old photographer. Assuming everything goes as planned, I’ll receive my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Art Photography mid May 2014 from Syracuse University. I studied there under Doug DuBois, who is the process of publishing his second photo book with Aperture right now. During my time at Syracuse, studying under Doug and the rest of the faculty, I’ve fallen in love with books and really want to pursue DIY self publishing.
2014 is an amazing time to produce books, with print on demand services like Blurb, and the distribution of the internet, it has never been as possible and easy to produce content that circumnavigates traditional publishing. Taking inspiration from groups like Hamburger Eyes, Little Brown Mushroom, and TBW books, I founded Humble Parrot as a self publishing moniker in 2013.

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The first (and only publication at this point) is my zine But I’m Sexy, Can’t You Tell?. It’s an experiment is more than one way. I’m trying to navigate the craft and skill set of making the physical edition.
This run was printed by Conveyor Arts, a production house just out of NYC that specializes in small run artists books. The offset printing quality is great, but the publication is walking this weird line between being either a really beautiful zine (which is kind of oxymoronic) or being a flimsy, small, staple bound book. Regardless I was stoked to do an edition of 77 copies and have a physical manifestation of my work.
This leads to the second part of the experiment which is to see if I can actually sell these things online without having much of a reputation. 77 is a lot of copies for something like this. Most artists run between 10-50, but I purposely over produced to see just how long they’ll stay on my shelf. Between my tumblr and dedicated photography blogs like JCH, it’s only a matter of time before the edition sells out.
With the completion of my BFA, I plan to move south from Syracuse to New York City to pursue photography as a fine art and as a commercial/editorial practice.


But I’m Sexy Can’t You Tell? is a collection of black and white photographs that examines how ideas and objects warp once put into the urban space with an emphasis on sexuality and representation. When an idea is placed into a city it is in its most perfect blueprint form. However, over time that idea, be it an advertisement, piece of architecture, or representation of sexuality, morphs and interacts with the environment around it in peculiar and unpredicted ways. Featuring images from Prague, Philadelphia, Oslo, Budapest, and New York City the project speaks to a common idea that is not about place.


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Culminating in a zine featuring 25 photographs, the work was self-published in late 2013, and is still available here.
See the full project, and artist’s website, here.

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As a side note for JCH readers, the project was shot with 35mm HP5+ almost exclusively on a Pentax Spotmatic that was bought at a tag sale in 2008. The camera slowly started to break after years of punishment and have since been retired.

Thanks for sharing your work with us Chris. Good luck with the publishing company.

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