In your bag 905, Allan Uhlman
Allan was on the site ages and ages ago with his old bag (link). And now he is back, with a brand new bag (oof, that one never gets old).

I’m Allan, a Civil Engineer from Brisbane, Australia.

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to do further study this year. So this morning, instead of finishing the assignment that’s due tomorrow, I went for a walk to Toohey Forest. Toohey Forest is a remarkable piece of remnant bushland just half an hour’s walk away from my very suburban home and a lovely spot to find some quiet and imagine you don’t have a care in the world.

As you know, I’ve been playing with big cameras lately (and if I am ever outside in a meteor shower I intend to shelter under the Mamiya Universal Press you found for me) but today was not a big camera day.

In my bag I had:

– My Leica M4-P (looks great if you ignore the paint falling off the back door).
– A new (to me) Konica M-Hexanon 28mm f2.8 – out for its first film test.
– My trusty Summarit-M 50mm f2.5 with a yellow B+W filter attached.
– Sekonic L-308S lightmeter
– A Micros lens cloth
– One of my JCH film cases – this morning mostly filled with Maco Eagle AQS 400 surveillance film rolled in old Ilford canisters (really good stuff in Rodinal 1:25).
– A Camelback Podium Bottle – doesn’t leak so it can go inside the bag.

All of this went into my Crumpler Kashgar Outpost bag. A really tough and functional bag if you’re looking for something you can take anywhere, in any weather.

My size 47 Scarpa walking boots definitely wouldn’t fit in the bag but they’re in the photo anyway.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Thanks for sharing your bag, Allan. Shame we couldn’t see the Mamiya, it is a beast.
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