In your bag 890, Nuno Cruz
Nuno returns to us after a long sojourn. Check out his fancy film bag.

My name is Nuno Cruz and I am still a computer geek from Portugal, working and living in Amsterdam. Last time I sent you a travel bag, so today I changed to my everyday bag, and also what I shoot nowadays has changed.

Although it’s still a hobby, photography has been occupying a lot of time of my life and I’ve been enjoying it a lot, part of the reason is because I’ve started to shoot 100% film (lies, I still have my phone), and it has been fun.
The whole film experience has been very different for me The first thing is the drop of all of those buttons and options, there’s just aperture, shutter and focus, the rest has to come from me, and not from the other features that digital cameras have, this leaves a lot of room for creativity and as most say, with film you shoot less and try to make every shot count! This has been a good train to my eye to predict and pay more attention, so much that ideas for project finally start to sprung.

Being an owner of an OMD led me to acquire an OM-1 and last Christmas I got a Polaroid SX-70, and because it broke I got another one, the ALPHA version, this easter. So from time to time, when I see a something really eye candy, I take it out and shoot with it.
Both of these camera are also awesome conversation starters, a lot of people are still surprised by the fact that there are people out there shooting film, so they come and ask about the camera. Also it’s a funny thing to see how people react when they don’t see as chimping, but rather cocking the shutter. I also have Rollei 35 S, that I load with B&W film, but unfortunately the shutter stopped working so I took to repair.

In my bag (Visconti messenger bag):

– Abus folding lock Bordo 6000

– Yellow musguard bike fender

– Poquito wood wallet

– Keychain with a Devotec Fuel Micro Charger

– Bike lights, back and front

– Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 pen

– Custom made notebook

– Ray ban aviator sunglasses

– Marshall major headphones

– Google Nexus 4

– Phone lens fish-eye

– 2 in 1 phone lens, wide-angle and macro

– Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1,

– Minolta IV F light meter

– Olympus OM G.Zuiko 50mm f/1.4

– Olympus OM-1 + Olympus OM G.Zuiko 35mm f/2.0

– Japan Camera Hunter black film case with Amsterdam streets sticker on it. Inside it has Kodak Gold 200, Kodak Portra 400 and Cinestill 800.


To follow me you can check my flickr ,instagram or twitter.

Thanks for all the content that you post, film specially, it has been a great source of information that helped me get started with it.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Nuno. I love to hear how you have become passionate about film.
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