In your bag No: 685, Julien Pasternak
We have another bag from Poland today, and this one has a delightful rustic feel to it, what with the carpet and the old style sketchbook, this is a cracker. Check it out.

My name is Pawel Dudziak and I am 26 year old passionate about photography from Poland. I recently left the city life in Cracow and moved outside, where I found peace and the possibility of self-development.
Several years ago, fascinated by the discovery of old analog cameras (such as LOMO Lubitel 166B – brand new in the box) in the basement of my grandfather, I started using a simple point and shot camera that I got as a child. The simplicity of the camera and the final effect that gave the roll of film that has encouraged me to further research.
I finally found the perfect point and shot for me, which is the Olympus mju II. Simple, small, giving a sharp image (usually) is with me every day since I bought it. As soon as I started using mju, my DSLR Nikon D300s started bothering me, it was heavy he threw into eyes. I started using only prime lenses to reduce the overall dimension and better image quality.
At some point, I realized that I use more Olympus than the Nikon cameras. However, sometimes it still needed a digital camera, so enchanted field of design and picture quality with FujiFilm X-100, I could not make another selection.

So in my black bag you can find:

– Champagne Olympus mju II ( + a few rolls of film, such FOMAPAN 200, Fuji X-Tra 400, or Kodak Gold 400)
– FujiFilm X-100 + Pentacon lenshood ( better looking, and no vignetting )
– IPhone 4
– sketchbook + pencil / small book

If you want to follow me, check :

Instagram @paweldudziak

thanks for sharing your fantastic bag with us Pawel. I love that sketchbook.
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