In your bag 878, David Tinius Rossi
David is back. After a long hiatus and a change of country he returns with a completely different bag. Come and have a look.

Almost two years went by since my last bag submission (In your Bag: N°307).
Last year I’ve moved from Italy to the United States, and by doing so I have inherited a bunch of gear from my American older folks.
I now live in Los Angeles, which is a great and funky place to take pictures.

My current bag is an “Overland” camera bag that I bought at the mall in my Italian hometown. It’s pretty sturdy and it suits my needs.


And now, for the cameras:

Olympus OM1 – It belonged to my American grandfather, a retired USMC Major and veteran. I cleaned it up and refurbished it with a new skin purchased from as well as a nice strap from The Sweet Strap. I also bought a battery adapter for the built in meter at the amazing Steve’s Camera here in L.A.

Zeiss Ikon Contessa – It belonged to my American Great Uncle, an honest photo amateur that really kept his stuff neat and clean. The viewfinder is a real pain in the neck, especially if you’re wearing glasses. Nonetheless I really like this camera. It’s a little tank with great lens. Pair that Opton Tessar with some b/w film and you’re back in the 50s!

Lens and accessories:

Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f1.8 MC – That’s what’s mounted on the camera. A very good lens for its value.

OM Vivitar 28mm Wide Angle f2.8 MC – Not the best lens, I know, but still pretty sharp and good enough for b/w.

Olympus T 20 flash – It works fine and it’s pretty pocketable.

As for film, I’m going through the last rolls in my fridge before heading to Freestyle in Hollywood for a new batch:

2x Kodak E100G – I really like this film and I’m really going to miss it.

Kodak EIR infrared – I’m planning to shoot this “Holy” roll on a trip to the desert. I know it can be tricky, so I’m hoping for some good results.

Ilford HP5 – By far, my very favorite b/w film, especially in 35mm format.

Agfa Precisa CT100 – My last roll of the original Precisa formula, which should produce its iconic results when cross processed.

Ferrania Solaris 400 – My last roll of the original Ferrania Color negative film. The factory is just an hour and a half away from my Italian hometown. Knowing that they’re back in the game was awesome news.

Not in the picture:

Rubber lens hoods, lens cloths, the leather case for the Contessa, a small notebook and pens.

I know this may not be the spiffiest gear, but so far I’m really enjoying these cameras. Plus, I’ve got all this (and more) stuff for free. What more could I ask for?

You can check out my website, if you’d like:
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Meanwhile, I wish you all the best.
Happy shooting, everyone!

Thanks for coming back and sharing your bag with us David. I love that the Contessa has stayed in the family.
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