In your bag 325, Kylie Knight
Todays bag shot is very…red. Kylie is a young photographer with the desire to travel. So let us see what is in this fascinating bag.


Hello my name is Kylie knight and I’m a 26yr old student/photographer. I live near Melbourne, Australia and have been a fan of In your bag? for a while now. It’s great to see what everyone carries in their bags as well as their stories they share.

I’m currently studying Photography part time in Melbourne but didn’t start my street photography until early February this year. It was actually via participating in one of Eric Kim’s Introduction into street photography workshops (which I highly recommend btw) that Inspired me to take up street photography on the side. It really gets you out of your comfort zone and makes you think about what your making in a photo. I’m still what you call a green thumb with street photography but try to get out when I can during my studies.

Currently I’m preparing for my 1st trip overseas to Hong Kong which is very soon, where I will use some of this set up when walking the streets.

This is my current bag setup :)

Bag – I absolutely love this bag! Porteen Gear brand. This bag was handmade and bought through her website. It has got me through 3 downpours, is so light to carry and so stylish you can’t tell it’s a camera bag.

Shoes – They are very light and comfy to wear, great for long walks.

Olympus case – I can’t remember where this case came from but it snugly fits my Panasonic 14mm f2.5.

Lip-gloss – Whoops I forgot to include this in the photo.

Main camera – (Olympus Om-D with grip) My new most favorite camera, even with the grip on it’s so light and small. I eventually want to use this camera as my primary camera on shoots and work instead of my Dslr. Oh and I purchased the camera strap from Lance camera straps which I love. The camera is gaffed up so people don’t recognize what I’m carrying and it blends into the background more.

Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens – This lens is so tiny and light for portraits and candid photography, I love it.

Back up camera –  My trusty Ricoh GRD III. For a point & shoot the quality is fantastic and a joy to use.

Batteries – My spare batteries for my OM-D. I also have my Ricoh spares in the bag (not pictured)

Iphone – Can’t leave home without it. It also has my street photographers rights PDF just in case I need it.

Mophie Juice pack –  Backup battery for my Iphone and cable.

Pink Wallet – Had this little plaid wallet for 2 years now and it holds everything I need in it.

Cleaning cloth – To wipe my lenses or my glasses I wear.

Rocket air blower – For getting crap off the lens.

Business card holder – To house my Moo mini business cards for my 500 street project.

Notebook & pen – I carry a notebook and pen everywhere I go, just in case I have an idea or want to take notes etc.

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Thanks Bellamy

Thanks for sharing your bag and your shoues with us. I hope you have a great trip. Hong Kong is a photographic wonderland. I love that place.
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