In your bag 839, Joe Spence
Joe shares his simple bag with us from the UK. Come and have a look at this delightful setup from a guy who came to film photography from an unlikely beginning. Check it out.

Hello hello guys, My name is Joe Spence, I live in Hartlepool (A small town in England) and I’m a 18 year old student studying photography in English martyrs college. I got into photography 2 years ago by stumbling across Instagram , yes Instagram! I later ditched Instagram and decided to get a camera and take a photography course because I wanted to take things a bit more serious and gain more knowledge. I bought an nikon d3000 which did the job for me for long time but then came along called ‘film photography’ into my life which I had never thought about trying as I thought it was for oldies who never wanted to switch to digital until I was given an old nikon F50 of my grandfather which instantly made me fall in love with the world of film and all its greatness.

Thats the bit about me over, now about the gear.

1. Satchel Bag (keep all my gear in here and can even fit my laptop in there to)

2. Fujifilm instax ( for all the instant film goodiness)

3. Fujifilm x10 ( my digital camera which I’m currently using on the streets)

4. Zenza Bornica ETRSI (For my Medium format work, used mainly for portraits)

5.Yongnuo speed light (cheap speed light, but works a treat)


1. Ilford HP5

2. Kodak Tmax 100 ( 3 rolls)

3. Kodak Portra 400

4 Fuji instax film

Thanks for the sit Japanese camera hunter. Film is not dead!

My flickr:

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Joe. Cool to hear about your journey to film, keep it up.
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