In your bag 753, Johan Andrén
Good to see a bag that is based in Japan. Johan is tripping around Japan and this is the gear he is used to document his travels. Check it out.

I’m Johan from Sweden, a 22-year old junior graphic designer and aspiring photographer of some sort. I’m currently traveling in Japan for 3 months so I had to carefully choose what to bring since I didn’t want to carry around to much weight in cameras.

I got the Chamonix Saber just before i left for Japan and hardly had time to test it, so I wanted to bring it and use it for real. I also wanted to bring a film-camera with something bigger than 35mm, and it made more sense than bringing my big-ass Pentax 67II. The lens is a Nikon 135/5.6. The Chamonix film-holder is loaded with T-MAX 400 and the Grafmatic (which I bought here in Japan, using JCH Tokyo camerastore guide) with Portra 400. Loving the camera so far, can’t wait to develop the sheets and see if the results are as I hope.

The Fuji x100 is pretty new to me as well. I traded my Canon 5DII for this to afford the Chamonix Saber and a film scanner, and haven’t regretted it yet. It’s great in all ways, and perfect for traveling snapshots. The strap is some nameless thing from a cheap analog compact I bought a few years ago. The lens cap is a Sony that i found lying around at a hostel, the Fuji lenscap is really crappy so I thought it was perfect! The lens hood comes on and of all the time since it doesn’t really fit in my pocket with it on.

I came across the Contax T2 at a camerashop in Kyoto for only 20 000 yen so I couldn’t resist. It’s great to use, but I haven’t developed any roll yet so I hope it works ok. I’ve been using T-MAX 400 for it, and scratched the DX-coding since the T2 doesn’t have manual ISO-options and I want to push the T-MAX.

While in Japan I’m also constantly searching for a worthy heir for the beast Pentax 67II, it’s a great camera but it’s just too big and heavy. I’m suspecting I’ll return home with a Mamiya 7, who knows…

Thanks for letting me show off my bag! Check if you’re curios what I achieve with these cameras.

Johan Andrén

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Johan. That Chamonix is very cool.
Check out the link and make sure you come and comment.

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