In your bag 742, Samuel Lintern
I have been meaning to feature this bag for a while. Not just because of the cameras, but for the various assortment of geekery that is close to my own heart. This one is a perfect start for 2014.

My name is Samuel. I am and Australian Jeweller and Photographer currently travelling around Europe with my Girlfriend and have been keenly hunting the camera in every city we visit. When I left on my 7 month trip (month #6 now) I had just one camera (If you do not count the phone). Through my travels, I have been admiring the bag shots and seeing as my collection has grown while on the road, I thought I would give you a backpackers bag!

SLinern JCH2

The Bag – Bought off ebay. It is a Chinese brand “Caden” canvas bag with a secret rear compartment for safe storage and access for your precious cameras. The design is flawed and ergonomically horrible! :-( What can you do when on the road?!

Olympus EPL-3 – I love the cherry red of it, I would even take it to a paid job proudly! I am a keen collector of vintage  Pentax and Leica screw gear so I bought this body to explore and experiment with the variety of lenses I have. It is also integral to my artistic practice, another bag shot later will illustrate this! Finally it’s super light and perfect for travel with the rockin’ EVF, the kit lens is great and the Lumix 14mm is really great value for money.

Pentax 110: 18mm, 24mm, 50mm and 70mm f2.8’s – I love these lenses, and the EPL-3 was practically made to accept them. I have two cheap adapters, one focuses past infinity, so I modified it have an aperture that I harvested from a bung Jupiter-8. The aperture is too far from the lens/close to the sensor and it just vignettes the image. Atleast I don’t have to hisper gram my dark edges! I love the 50mm lens and adore the 24mm when used with my custom aperture. Lucky enough to have some original protective bubbles that we found in Germany.

Olympus XA2 – We found this in Inverness, Scotland in a charity shop. I went in asking for an XA and got an XA-2 after sorting through their back room of cameras for them. You guys know about this gem of a series by now and I cant wait to get home and develop the film!

Olympus OM2-n – Another charity find, along with a Canon A1 and Miranda F. All beautiful cameras – the others were posted home. Found in Bath, works a treat and can’t wait for the negs!

Cleaning Gear – Thanks to JCH for the recent guide, I had most of this stuff but fished the blower out of a bag in another charity shop. It’s really handy! I keep my microfiber cloths in a spare film canister to keep them clean.

The other stuff from my backpack is a knife and travel cutlery set which are just musts for backpacking (I keep them tied up in an old sock so no allegations of “going armed” can be levied), A Nintendo GBA that I picked up in Germany, because a guy has needs (playing Advance Wars atm), a Moleskein for notes, my Sony phone which takes awful pictures and a cool flippy wallet from Australian designers DOSH.Also some Matches from Nuremberg and a pile of rubbish and fluff, because who doesn’t have a pile of rubbish and fluff in their bag?

Thanks Bellamy for doing what you do and putting these bags up. What a community you have created! I have alot of material that is unpublished, some days I can be more of a collector than a shooter, but you can keep up with me at ! I mainly have my Jewellery posted there (You may like it, it’s on topic) but I will update it with highlights of my travels.

Samuel Lintern

Thanks for sharing your bag, your travels and your fluff with us Samuel. I am glad that you did and I hope you have had some fantastic shooting experiences on your travels.
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