In your bag 739, David Munson
After a bit of a site wobble, I bring you todays bag. David shares with us a wonderfully simple setup.

I’ve recently gone about giving my daily carry a total do-over in the interest of mobility and not carrying crap I don’t need. It is serving me very well now, and will make it easy to keep up my daily photography when I move to Shanghai in February.

This setup covers my day-to-day well and allows me to do most of my normal photography without feeling weighed down (which is novel to me as a chronic over-packer).


The bag is a Chrome Chekhov. It lets me carry the little bits and pieces easily. The camera doesn’t fit inside, but I don’t need it to. I have full-size bags I can throw everything in if I need that. I like the lightness and ready-to-go nature of this setup. I can wear the bag across my torso or around my waist and I like that it doesn’t swing around and get in the way like a shoulder bag can.

There’s a small pouch on the strap that fits my light meter and darkslide perfectly.

The camera is a Hasselblad 500CM with an 80mm f/2.8 Planar C, waist level finder, an A12 back, and an Acratech QR plate. I’ve had flings with other lenses, smaller and larger formats, but I always come back to 120 film and a normal lens. For at least 90% of what I do, this is all I need.

The monopod is a Sirui P-306 with a Sirui L-10 head. The Hasselblad is the only camera I’ve ever liked using on a monopod. The monopod is smaller and easier to carry than a tripod, but it still buys me a few extra stops of usable light at the ends of the day. I just tuck it in the strap of the bag and it stays put no problem.

Other items are a notebook and pen, strap, Sekonic L-308 meter, iPod and earbuds, Fuji Acros 100 film, a polarizer and an orange filter, and a Canon EOS M digital.

I could carry more, and can fit a second lens in the bag if I want it, but usually don’t. Lightness is freedom, and freedom reduces the number of excuses one can make for not shooting. This is good for my photography.

David R Munson


Thanks for sharing your bag with us David. I love the simplicity.
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