In your bag 705, James Schrimpf
This bag has got to have the most Pentax Q cameras I have ever seen. I didn’t know anyone used them. Check this one out though, it is great.

Hi, my name is James Schrimpf and I’m a 52 year old photographer living near Tucson, Arizona, in the United States.  I’ve done various forms of professional photography for over 30 years.  I currently work in the areas of fashion, weddings, advertising. and photojournalism but my true passion is my personal photography, in which I concentrate on the dramatic cultural and religious imagery of the USA/Mexico border region.

My most used bag is the traditional Domke F2. It carries a surprising amount of gear comfortably, and offers quick access to my cameras.

I like to pack several cameras as I shoot quickly and I prefer to select a camera that suits my needs without having to change lenses in the field. Because of this, I use relatively compact cameras. I also prefer to use screw-on metal lens hoods to avoid the hassles of loose and bulky plastic hoods.

My bag as pictured is typical of what I might take on a working shoot with the possibility of doing some personal photography on the side. For many years, I shot film cameras exclusively but now I use Nikon Digital cameras for most of my work. However, I must confess, I still have 14 film cameras in my collection!

The photo was taken with a Nikon D5100 and the Nikkor 16-85 zoom, which is the only zoom I use consistently as I prefer to work with primes. The Nikons in the photo are a D7000 with a 85mm f/1.8(great lens) and another D5100 with a 50mm f/1.8.

It amazes me that a 60 year old Rolleiflex continues to be a viable option. I treasure my Rollei and it’s loaded with Ilford Delta 400.

I’ve also included three tiny Pentax cameras, two Qs as well as a Q10. I love these little gems and they are responsible for the majority of my personal digital photography. The designers managed to capture the tactile sense of quality film cameras in the Q series. These small sensor cameras make photography fun and have surprisingly usable image quality. Lenses mounted on these are the 01 Prime, the 02 Zoom as well as the 03 Fisheye, which comes in handy for the occasional creative or documentary shot. The Qs are so small that they fit anywhere in the bag, or even in a pocket.

I also bring along an iPad Mini to edit and submit photos for newspaper assignments.  There is always a selection of press credentials in the bottom of the bag.

Thanks and best wishes,

Thanks for sharing your gear, your love of photography and your passion with us James. I wish you had shared a site too.
Please come and comment. What do you think of the gear and how it is used?

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