In your bag No: 665, Bezalel Ben-Chaim
Bezalel not only has a cool name, but he also has a very cool bag for us to pour over. Come and check out this beauty from Israel.

My name is Bezalel Ben-Chaim, and I’m a digital media designer from Tel-Aviv, Israel. I have been photographing as a hobby since I was 10 years old – 35 years ago. At age 13 I had a home darkroom set up in my parents shower where I was developing my films and enlarging my prints. Having studied visual design, I also integrated photography – and later on videography – into my professional career.

Even though I always had a camera with me, I went through phases of nothing more than plain travel photography or documenting my family. A few years ago this hobby again took prominence, and, trying to identify where my interests lay and what I was really good at, the direction was clear — candid and street photography. Nothing posed, simply capturing the surrealist moments that take place in front of me.

Trying to distance myself from the DSLRs I use for professional projects, I happily returned to film, with the added joy of developing and scanning my own pictures (in B&W, of course). My main tool is a Zeiss Ikon rangefinder, coupled with a Leica 35mm Summicron lens and a Domke Gripper strap. I use a couple of B&W filers – Neutral density and Dark red (for those dramatic ‘black sky’ effects). Spare batteries and a Lenspen for keeping everything clean. Spare films in a DIY plastic box – Tri-X and Fuji Acros for B&W, and whatever I find for color work – currently Fuji Superia 200 & 400, Kodak Portra and Ektar, And Rollei Crossbird for cross-processing. Alternatively, for digital work, I sometimes use my Fuji X100, also with a Domke Gripper strap, mostly when travelling or other work which is less personal – family outings and such. When feeling foolish, I make use of my Russian Lomo LC-A.

All this goes into the excellent Domke F8 bag – with business cards, very simple, printed at home on my printer – showing my name, website and the title ‘Street Photographer’ This magically calms those nervous security men who demand to know what the hell I’m doing – “Ah, it’s OK. He’s a street photographer. it even says so on this card”….

Thanks Bellamy. You are doing God’s work. Keep it up.

My website is:

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Bezalel, I love the Zeiss Domke combo, very cool.
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