In your bag No: 663, Joona Sipi
We have a returnee today. Joona was first featured over a year ago as number 165, and now he is bag with a new setup for us all. Come and check out this cool bag from Finland.

Over a year ago I sent a shot of my bag to you. No I would like to share a refined version.

Here’s what’s in my bag today:

Olympus OM-4 with T18 flash and 40mm F2 Zuiko.
After shooting some time with both 35mm and 50mm lenses, I wanted to get a lighter lens than the Olympus 35mm F2. I also found my self shifting between from 35mm to 50mm a lot while neither fully matched my “vision”. While I think I could have adopted to using just 35mm or only 50mm, I wanted to see if 40mm would be my thing. So far, I have loved the little 40mm pancake!

My good old black OM-2n died. Ok, the needle of the light meter died, it’s otherwise functioning ok. Still, I got a reason to buy a new camera! I ordered an OM-4ti from an online shop, but they had just sold it. So instead they gave me this OM-4 and some accessories. I like the integrated hotshoe. Spot meter is also nice – when you have time to play with it without missing the shot.

OM-2n with 24mm F2 Zuiko
I have to say prefer OM-2n over OM-4. OM-2’s viewfinder is huge and I find exposure compensation dial faster to operate than a spot meter. 24mm F2 is quite big lens and I seldom use it wide open. I have been thinking of changing to lighter 24mm F2.8 or 21mm F3.5 at some point.

85mm F2 Zuiko
Nice portrait lens. For more compressed telephoto look, a 135mm would be a winner, but I think 24/40/85 focal length combo works quite well for me.

Domke J-803 satchel
Great sturdy bag! A bit heavy, but that means it’s going to last. It sits close to body with a very low profile. In my bag there’s always assortment of stuff like film, lens pen, first aid kit, flashlight and multitool.

Oh, and both of my cameras have leatherette. OM-4’s sporting “Contax black”. OM-2n is clad to spring green. The straps are some cheap-o eBay stuff. Now I know I should have got Gordys’! Well, at least these are leather, so they won’t freeze during the Finnish winter like the original OM straps do.

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us Joona, I love the setup. Those OM’s are lovely.
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