In your bag No: 629, Rizki Maulana
South East Asia is coming out fighting lately, with lots of great bags. And here is another Rizki shares his street bag with us. A recent convert to film, Rizki has already been published. Come and check it out.

My name is Rizki (no I’m not a risky person) but I do love taking the risk. I’m born Indonesian but I reside in Malaysia. I am a 20 year old, full time student and a part time photographer who shoots gigs and concerts for some pocket money and street photography as an escape from the ordinary everyday life. I work mainly with film for street, but I go digital for my side job. I’ve been shooting since 2010. Like many, I discovered the magic of film from lomography and I decided to venture into street photography as I progress. I am currently working on a project called KL in Film which should be completed and published on September.

Well, enough about me. Let my bag do the talking:

– Chrome Messenger Bag Mini Metro

Waterproof and tear proof, large enough to even hold a medium format camera and two other rangefinders. The only plus point is that you have to get your own camera insert. Other than that, this bag is a treasure. Best $150 I’ve ever spent.

– Ricoh GR1v

Best camera ever. Until night time and you’ll get light trails all over your photos. Why I love this camera: small and thin, allowing it to fit into my pocket. Snap mode and other fixed focusing distance mode which makes shooting way way way easier, the aperture control and of course, the DX override makes pushing so much easier. However, the LED is faulty, and I broke the viewfinder part, forcing me having to tape it to the body. I am probably the roughest guy ever.

-Yashica Electro 35 GTN

When I asked a friend why I prefer the outcome from my Koni Omega (I do own one, but I only take it out for street sometimes) compared to the GR1v at one point, he told me “that’s because you have control.” However, having the Koni Omega, which is huge as hell doesn’t help. So I looked for a small rangefinder which can give me control, above some automation.

-JapanCameraHunter film case

Pimped with a #WE2020 sticker which was supposed to say “THINK.VOTE.”, I cut the latter off, giving it a new life. Filled with Ilford HP5+ all the time.

-Mossery note book

Because I’m too poor to own a Moleskin. (one of Mossery’s note book costs about US$3.

-Micro-Clair cleaning cloth + LensPen (not in picture)

To keep the prized possession clean and dust free.

-Beyerdynamic DT231Pro + iTouch 8gb

For the long train commute, and the iTouch works as a lightmeter. The iTouch is filled with loads of Phoenix, Bonobo, Odd Future and QoTSA.

-Latest copy JUICE

To keep up with the current trends and to.. , “Hey dude, I shot this *points to magazine*.”

Thanks for having me, have a nice day to everyone!

Twitter: @rzmaulana

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Rizki. It is great to see you shooting film with such passion and enjoyment.
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