In your bag No: 630, Cherub
Thierry, AKA Cherub, shares his bag with us today. A long time shooter, Cherub has a pretty interesting setup, including a camera that I have not seen before. Come and check it out.

My name is Thierry Sacchi, nicknamed Cherub (all my family and friends call me like that !), french and a photography enthusiast since a so long time, I almost can’t remember when it started for me. I really don’t know why, but I can remember having fun with cameras even when I was 7 …

“Serious” photography for me started in 1984, with my brother buying our first SLR, a Canon AL1. I shot almost everything, everywhere, doing at the time even experimentations, in shooting or in the lab. Same time I started to go on motocross tracks, and naturally my photography went to sport photography. With ups and downs, meaning sometimes I shoot every week, then not at all for months ! … Then I bought my firsts autofocus cams, Canon EOS 650 then EOS 5 … Until 2006 when Digital came to my motocross photography life ! I completely stop to shoot film, without knowing that it will be back years later …
I traveled a lot during 3 years, following high level atheletes in the Motocross World Championship, shooting a lot with Canon 20D, 30D and 40D, shooting maybe too much, even becoming webmaster, but I was not professional, just using all my free time and energy in the process  …
But I started to be bored with travelling, shooting always the same “things”, same peoples in the same places each years, and in high rates … 7fps is boring, I can tell you ! lol
I bought then my first Leica, a D-LUX4 … The little compact opened my eyes to the world; literally. My life went to another side at the time. Motocross business and industry peoples became less attractive to me …

Taking time for myself, I even thought to became a monk …

With sport photography now behind me, I offered myself a Leica X1, my favorite even today, and I started to collect cameras, using all of them ! I own now almost 40 cameras, list should be exhaustive ! lol
Film photography went back to my life at the same time with the Lomography LC-A+ and all the Lomography stuff in the air ! I can tell you even if you see all of this “commercial stuff” (it is !); that it opened my photography to another level. And feeling of film is unique, and unbeatable !
My favorite subject is now Religious and Medieval architecture, travelling with my wife, visiting places and only enjoying photography for what it is, and no more for business or commercial purposes.
I like to mention photographer Don Doll : “for me photography is a form of prayer”; that is now my feelings with the light writings (literally photo/graphy), and I think it will stay like this until my last day on that strange but also beautiful planet.

So, what’s in my bag ? Which stuff I use the more often to “pray with my pictures” ? Here is a list of the photographic tools that are in my bags right now :

– Leica X1, ordered to Leica next day after its presentation on 10.09.09 ! Wait until next February to receive it ! My favorite Digital camera, with lots of Gariz accessories, extension tube and hood. Extra batteries. Extra Lexar cards of 4Go.

– Lomography LC-A+ with wide lens and viewfinder. I am still experimenting with it, double exposures and much more … Colorsplash flash is always around too.

– Agfa Selectronic Sensor, I fell in love with Agfa when I started collecting cameras, and I own several different models. The Selectronic is one of my favorite with the Optima 500SN; bring one or the other … I use sometimes a Lomo Blik rangefinder (CCCP made) on the Selectronic.

– Agfaphoto films, Precisa CT (my favorite !), Vista Plus and APX.

– Lenspen ! Just love them !

– Manfrotto Pixi small tripod, the last add in my bag !

– The bag itself is a Chinese bag of the brand Backpacker … I used that one very often now, but I own several Lowepro also.

I hope it was not too boring for you guys to read me ! Anyway keep up the good work Bellamy , and more important : HAVE FUN !

With love from France,

blog in french :
Lomography Home (where you can see all my film work) :
Twitter : @cherub38

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Thierry, it is cool to see you retaining this passion for shooting over all those years.
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