In your bag No: 628, Jun Hidalgo
Representing the Philippines, Jun has a very straightforward professional bag for you all today, one that he uses for work and for play. Come and check it out.

I’m Jun Hidalgo from the Philippines and I’m a portrait and wedding photographer. This is what I usually carry when I’m not on a wedding or in the studio. For personal work,
I like to keep it simple when I’m out on the streets. This setup works for me perfectly although I use my Fuji x10 90% of the time, I still need the fast response of the big Nikon.
The streets have always been my inspiration as I used to work on a local newspaper when I started my career more than a decade ago ( using my Nikon Fm2 and F100). I’ve always wanted to capture the exiting, raw and sometimes dark emotion of the street and this set up is all I need. Still trying to get a Leica M system, or a Bessa R4 to replace the big Nikon.

So here’s the list:

Canvas satchel with DIY foam inserts

Nikon D2h with 50mm 1.8D

Fujifilm X10

Ipad Mini


Note Pad

Smith and Wesson Pocket Protector Knife ( not in the picture)

There it is, to see some of my works, you can check them here:
Or Here:

Love reading your page everyday keep em coming!
Thank you!
Jun Hidalgo

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Jun, I love seeing pro bags, especially when they are used for personal work too.
Check out the links and make sure you come and comment.

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