Japan Camera Hunter 120 film cases now in White!
OK, as I like to keep up with the modern and funky trends that the young folks are rapping about these days, I thought it might be nice to have the 120 cases available in white too, so here they are.

Well, it wasn’t just that. Plenty of people had asked for them in white too, so I thought it might be nice to do a limited run of these as well. There is nothing different about these other than the colour. But they do look rather spiffing, I must admit.


Now though, you can mix and match to make domino effect film cases (if that is your thing). Or, with the white one you can festoon it with stickers. Or cover it in graffiti. The choice is yours.


These are not a pre-order or anything, they are ready to ship now.

Get 120 cases here

Get 120 Bikkuri cases here

If you are a wholesaler and would like to get these cases you can contact me by clicking here for more information.

Please note, the ‘Buy Film Not Megapixels’ stickers are not mine. I cannot supply them with the case. If you want some you can get the from the wonderful GradeSelect.

Many thanks