In your bag No: 563, Shaun Tompkins
Todays bag…has no bag. It is a camera, plain and simple and Shaun is here to tell us just how he uses it. Come and have a look.

My name is Shaun Tompkins and I’m a street photographer from Melbourne Australia, but about to re-locate to Europe in July where I hope to do more documentary and freelance work.

I’m 24 and have been taking photos for about 3 years, started dslr stupidly when my dad had 1x OM1 (needed repair) and another OM2 which was beyond repair. After a year of my 550D I upgraded to 5D w/ zeiss 2/25. Lovely combo. I started shooting on the OM-1 and bought a contax t2, which I sold to my friend.

But I wanted more control. I wanted to choose the exact moment. I didn’t want auto focus or photoshop, I didn’t want a bulking paparazzi looking camera. I didn’t want plastic. I didn’t want foam padding. I didn’t want automatic.

I send you a photo not of a bag, but what I usually carry on me every single day. My early serial Leica m6 w/ zeiss distagon-C 2.8/35, barton 1972 braided leather strap, brass shutter release, (I’ve nicknamed the camera blackraven) and usually portra400 and a cleaning cloth from some sunglasses I bought.

It is the perfect camera for what I want to do. I urge anyone thinking of taking the Leica-leep to do so, it feels like butter (shot 5 rolls my first day). My website is I have a recent street series called ‘municipal madness‘ I’ve shot on my first 5 weeks with the Leica!!

and :)

To all the European readers out there, if you want to shoot, develop film, have a couch i can sleep on or just hangout and drink beers contact me !!

Shaun Tompkins

Thanks for sharing your camera and your thoughts with us Shaun. Good luck with your re-location, I am sure that there will be tons of shooting to so.
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