In your bag No: 557, Sharon Yim
The first for a while, we have a ladies bag on IYB. And what a cracker it is. Sharon is not only a film photography fan, but a fan of good books and good mints too. Check out this great bag shot.

Hello JapanCameraHunter,

Introductions first; I am Sharon Yim, currently an undergraduate from Singapore! Secondly, I love my colours.

I picked up film photography about 3-4 years back but that was when I was still unfamiliar with it and did not actually shoot much with film for fear that my pictures would not turn out how I wanted them to. So with that, I usually carry a digital camera around as a “back-up”. However as I started reading up more about camera functions, as well as playing with the cameras that I had, I became more and more intrigued with the wonders of a film camera, be it an auto, a semi-auto, a manual or an instant one. Coupled with film, patience and exploration, the results are very pleasing and even though sometimes disappointing, there is always this excitement and thrill whenever I complete a roll, develop it and see the pictures! Through the years, film has probably been my most expensive yet well spent hobby and the only thing I can say is that I have never regretted any part of it.

This was what was in my Kånken bagpack when I went on a short beach getaway that I would like to share. It’s my favourite backpack because it is waterproof and also big enough to fit my essential travel items including the cameras!

Yashica Electro GSN: newest camera to my collection which I wanted give my full attention to for the time-being just to understand it better, hence bringing only this 35mm film camera for the trip

2 rolls each of Kodak Ektar, Fujifilm Pro 160 and Agfa Pro 200 (expired)

Polaroid Sun 660: not the best Polaroid camera around but definitely good enough for me!

1 open pack of Impossible Cool Polaroid with some burnt shots

iPhone 4S: not only for communication but also to take instant digital shots

iPod Classic and Klipsch Earphones

2013 Lego Moleskin and pen: Personalised planner/schedule/journal

The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald: Current read which is easy to bring around

Money in wallet and Superman coin purse
Fisherman’s Friend mints
Superman bottle from MovieWorld
Straw hat
Vaseline: a very very useful item when traveling for me due to sure dry lips/skin and abrasions

Everyday I learn something new about my cameras, film and basically just photography in broad. Although I feel my shots are not good at all but well, it is a learning process and being imperfect will only give you room to grow, no? Reading tips off the WWW helps a fair bit but just going out there and exposing the films would be the best way to learn. It would also help to meet more people and friends who share the passion to make everything more enjoyable.

Do visit my sites for more pictures:

Thanks JapanCameraHunter!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Sharon. Fisherman’s friend are certainly a blast from the past. Keep up the love of photography and of Superman. Happy shooting.

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