In your bag No: 517, Frederik Dalum
Frederik shares with us his pure film bag and his message. This one is nice and simple, with loads of passion. Perfect for a Sunday. Enjoy.

My name is Frederik Dalum. I am currently an IT student at the university of Aarhus, Denmark. I study Information Science, and share a great interest with the evolution of IT technology. Along side my studies I have been working part-time as a photographer, freelance and by the university.

I started out with photography in 2007, when I bought my first SLR camera, a Nikon D40 with a kit lens. I then brought this camera with me to far-east Asia (Nepal, India, China, Thailand and Cambodia). Here my interest for photography really caught my attention. After that trip, I never left home without a camera.

I shot with a Leica M8 for 2 years, when I lived in Amsterdam, Holland. Also, I used to have a Nikon D300. Many of my shots on my webpage are done with either the D300 or the M8.

Along my digital workflow, I have always loved the idea of film photography. By ‘accident’ i bought an Olympus Trip 35 in 2008, and I absolutely fell in love with analog photography. The sheer joy of photographing with a simple, no-battery no-nothing camera really appealed to me. So I bought another Trip35 and actually, a third. All on flea-markets for few dollars. Sadly I lost one in Cuba, dancing salsa in the streets of Santiago de Cuba. I try to travel as much as possible, and always bring a camera. Currently, though, I do not own any actual digital camera.

Pack: A backpack, from Royal Republiq. I love a classic backpack. I travel far on my bike everyday, so a backpack is necessary. Also, I sometimes bring my macbook pro, which fits in the back along my books and everything else.

Choice of film: Color! COLOR COLOR COLOR film. I absolutely love color film. I am very inspired by Ernst Haas and his work with colors in New York city. A few times I have fallen in love with the Kodak TriX 400. Also a great B&W film, but still, color film is great. I like the Fuji film. A great mix of price and quality.

But to talk about the actual setup.

Picture ‘Setup 1’ is my day pack. I carry an Olympus Trip 35 with either ISO200 or 400 color film. I love the sort of “slow” film look the camera gives me. Very classic and calm. I like that. I bring my iPad, my granddads Omega, 2 spare rolls of film (a 200 and a 400 – both color).  Also I bring a Midori notebook to note down everything. A leather-bound notebook, beautifully made in asia, and a Midori pen.  Last, but certainly not least, I bring my Yashica T4. A superb compact camera, with a tac sharp Zeiss lens. It is a really great camera. Recently added to my collection of camera, I am still getting used to it. It is so nice and smooth.

*Note: photo is taken with my iPhone 5. I haven’t really decided on what I think of the camera in the phone. Sometimes its great, sometimes its very disappointing.

Setup 2 is the cameras close up. Setup 3 is the back of my Yashica with a good statement.

Feel free to contact me for anything or questions. I love a good talk about photography.

My webpage is, instagram is frederik_dalum.

Thank you and enjoy photography and film

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Frederik, an great bag and a great story. Happy shooting.
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