In your bag No: 1210, Katrina Phillips
Today we get to have a peek inside a mothers bag. Katrina manages to still stuff a couple of cameras in her bag, despite being a mother to a toddler (and that is no mean feat, toddlers can be pretty uncontrollable). Simple and colourful. Check this one out.

Thought I’d share a pic of what a bag can look like when you combine a recent obsession with photography with being the mother of an almost-two-year old.

In my bag I have: nappies, wipes, water bottles, snacks, a Fuji x100s, an Olympus XA2 and whatever film I can come across easily (in this case, Kodak Ultramax 400 from BigW). Truth be told, there’s usually a bunch of other crap in there too—dirty clothes, food wrappers and the like.

The bag is a handmade calf leather tote from an Ethiopian craftswoman who sells her products through Etsy. It’s the perfect size, durable, and doesn’t scream nappy bag. I love it.

I’m pretty new to photography. I bought a brand-new Nikon FM10 back in my uni days, not understanding that I would have been better off tracking down a used FM. Anyway, a few years later I dropped it, mirror got stuck, and it basically sat on the shelf from then on.

Fast-forward ten years and, like many expectant parents, I decide I really want to buy a decent camera to capture those precious family moments. So I bought a Nikon D5200 (brand loyalty and all that) and a DX 3.5mm f/1.8 g lens. I did take some lovely photos with that lens, but still wasn’t that excited by photography…

…until I was stuck at my in-laws during a sub-tropical cyclone in January this year. I stumbled on a review of a Fuji x100s and was instantly curious. A few days later, I’d ordered my camera online, and I’ve been utterly and completely hooked ever since I got it. I sold the Nikon 5200 in April, and recently acquired the Olympus and a Nikon FM. My long-term plan is to add another Fuji X series body to my collection (E? T? Pro?), a Summicron (35mm or 50mm, haven’t quite decided) and then at some stage a Leica M6. Mr Camera Hunter, I will be likely seeking your assistance with the Summicron and M6.

That’s it! Thanks for having me

Katrina Phillips
Canberra, Australia

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