In your bag No: 1211, Matthew Fleming
Matthew shares with us a nice stripped bag today. Although that is a pretty hefty lump of film he has there. If only there was a convenient was of storing it when it was in your bag…

This is a stripped down ‘travel’ bag of sorts, but it’s also pretty much what I carry whenever I leave the house for the day. Enjoy!

Bag: Belstaff Colonial 556
I absolutely adore this bag; I picked it when I was 16, and after 7 years of service it’s still going strong. It has survived being massively overloaded in Japan, torrential rain in Shanghai, and day-to-day abuse in Lancashire; a Billingham insert has helped keep its shape and my cameras nicely dent free.

Leica M9 (50mm 2.8 Elmar)
My 21st birthday gift; when my dad upgraded to the M(240) I acquired my first rangefinder. It recently went on a 3 week all expenses paid trip to Wetzlar to have the sensor replaced. Really can’t argue with Leica’s customer care.

Leica M6 (28mm 2.8 Elmarit)
Infinitely reliable, gloriously quiet.

Digital and film living together in perfect harmony. That’s all there is to it really.

I’m a bit capricious when it comes to film. I’m still trying to find what I REALLY like, so I tend to carry a pretty varied selection. I do have a weakness for Tri X (who doesn’t?) and a slight obsession with Agfa Vista Plus 200 (otherwise known as “Poundland Film”). I do all my own film developing, so £1 for 24 shots is far too good pass up.

Crocheted Leica M9
Something a little bit different here. Made for me by an ex-girlfriend, with a slight dig, “#leicaman”, stitched onto the rear side, this is where all my cards go to stay safe when they’re full.

As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning
You should always carry a book. I’m re-reading Laurie Lee’s erudite and effortlessly charming memoir again at the moment, trying to glean any wisdom I missed first time round.

Other bits:
Card case and business cards (endlessly practical- especially useful when it comes to proving your ‘legitimacy’ as a photographer)

Electrical tape


Pencil case


Not Pictured:
ND Filters- not strictly essential for where I live, but dead handy to have just in case.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this cursory look into my bag/mind, if you’re interested in what my work looks like there’s loads of ways to have a gander below. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!
Instagram: @matthewjamesfleming
Flickr: Matthew Fleming Photography

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, James. Always nice to see film and digital side by side.
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