I am not like e-bay, let me tell you why
I am sure that you are all familiar with e(vil)-bay, it is huge and everyone and their great aunt uses it. But I wanted to take the chance to point out a few differences between the service that I offer and that well known auction site.

Just recently I have been hearing “I saw that so and so camera costs this much on e-bay” or “the prices on e-bay are” and my personal favourite (as in I really hate it) “I can get it cheaper on e-bay”. E-bay should never be taken as a benchmark for prices on anything, as the prices vary so wildly that you cannot really compare. The thing is, e-bay and my service are very different and it pains me when people compare the two. Sometimes I have people asking me why they should buy from me and not from e-bay. Well, I am not your financial advisor, buy from wherever you please. But I will say, I think I am better and will give you security and peace of mind that you cannot find elsewhere.

I offer what amounts to a bespoke buying service, which I am aware is not for everyone. The system that I use is very simple and I am totally transparent about it. I will find or attempt to find the camera that you desire and I will charge you the price of the camera plus a finders fee that is based on the value of the camera/lens/accessory/anything really. I will attempt to find the very best item for your budget and I will work hard to make sure that you get what you really dream of getting. Some things are cheaper to get on e-bay or whatever, and I will tell you that if it is the case. I want you to get the best you can and if that is not through me then I don’t mind admitting it. But if it is through me then I want to make sure that I get you the best I can possibly get.

And this is why I am different from e-bay. That place is a total crapshoot. There are some good sellers on there, but they are massively overwhelmed by crappy sellers who are out to make a fast buck. Descriptions of items are beyond useless on there and photos are not just inaccurate, but sometimes fake. I have caught a number of sellers stealing images of my cameras or lenses and using them to sell items on e-bay. And when I asked them to remove the images they told me that “tough shit” or words to that effect. There is even a guy on there who is trading under a very similar name as me and trying to skim business from people that assume it is me. Unscrupulous barely describes some of these people.

I am very serious about what I do and I want people to understand that. On e-bay, you roll the dice and take a chance. If the price is too good to be true, then it usually is. If the pictures are overly bright to the point you cannot see the metal, then they are often hiding a multitude of sins. Compact camera and they don’t show you the lens? Then how do you know if it even works and how the lens is.

Yes, I am a little bit more expensive than getting something off e-bay. But many of my customers (I hope) will attest that I got them everything they wanted and sometimes more. I go out, buy the item, or order in Japanese, check the item and make sure that it is satisfactory and then I ship. I get my items from sellers that I have built a good relationship with and have a list of trusted suppliers. I will admit, there have been a couple of times when the camera has not been as good as I thought or expected, but I have endeavored to make it better for the client (sometimes at my own personal expense). If a warranty is available then I honour it. If not then I work with the customer to get the item repaired or replaced. I want people to come away happy and feeling like they got something special.

And the same stands for the items that I sell directly on my site. I check them thoroughly and they all come from suppliers that I trust. If something needs replacing or repairing then I do it. I describe them accurately and if anyone wants to see more pictures of the item all they need to do is ask. I have absolutely nothing to hide. I want to sell things that I would be prepared to own.

So that is why I feel that I am not like e-bay (or any other site for that matter). What I do is offer a unique service and I try very hard to make sure that it is the best service. I love what I do and I hope that you can see that when you get a camera from me.

Do you want me to find you a camera? Then help me to help you. Click here first of all, then give me as much detail as you possibly can about what you want and what your (realistic) budget is. If all you say “I want a camera for taking pictures of dogs” I cannot help you. What make? what model? What colour? What specs? This all helps me to give you a better service and then everyone is a happy camper. The quicker we can ascertain this, the quicker I can have your dream machine in your hands. So let’s see if we can make your camera dreams come true.

Thanks for your understanding and support